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Search-engine and social-media marketing are two important aspects of CommCreative’s Unified Marketing approach. We can show you how to maximize both of these critical actions.

Search-engine marketing increases the visibility of websites on search-engine result pages through the use of search-engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). SEO improves the website's organic-search ranking, with tactics such as onsite optimization, link building, and content promotion. PPC delivers advertisements on search engines that are linked to the website.

Social-media marketing drives traffic and builds brand awareness through content creation and sharing among social networks.

Recently, both Google and Bing confirmed that Facebook and Twitter influence SEO. Although social-media content does not rank together with traditional results on search engines, the former does provide social signals for the top, most authoritative content. Such factors as diversity of sharing, timing, surrounding content, and engagement level influence the value of the social-media content. The more value that's provided, the more authoritative is the social-media signal delivered to search engines.

At CommCreative, we produce Unified Marketing search-engine and social-media marketing efforts to deliver the best results for our clients. Here are the steps that we follow:

  • Keyword research: Identify the most relevant, effective keywords for a client’s business.
  • Website onsite optimization: Optimize HTML title, meta, H and Alt tags based on the keywords.
  • Content creation: Create unique, keyword-rich content.
  • Link building: Improve website authority by attracting inbound links to the unique content.
  • PPC management: Advertise on search engines and lead visitors to optimized landing pages.
  • Content promotion: Promote the content through social networks and engage with friends/fans.
  • Campaign measurement: Measure the return on investment that CommCreative’s Unified Marketing efforts produce for you.

Both search-engine and social-media marketing will continue to evolve. At CommCreative, we develop and execute the best Unified Marketing strategies and tactics, to get you found by the right people at the right time and at the right place.

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About the Author

Search Marketing Strategist

As CommCreative’s Search Marketing Strategist and an AdWords Certified Professional, Yue is key in the successful management of numerous Google Adwords accounts for a wide range of clients and industries. This includes maintaining direct contact with Google advertising representatives, keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s new in the field of online advertising, pay-per-click advertising, SEO and Web analytics; as well as educating our staff and our clients about these opportunities. Equally important, Yue provides the majority of the in-depth analytics and ROI reporting that leads our ongoing optimization efforts surrounding these accounts. Yue’s passion for all things interactive fuels her eagerness to assist the agency on a host of social media, SEO and Web development projects. Her international background also provides the agency with a unique ability to serve clients seeking to operate or grown in emerging global markets. Yue holds a Master of Arts Degree in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising (GMCA) from Emerson College in Boston, MA.