Is Google preventing small businesses from finding success online?

Responding to SEOmoz’s “Titans of Search” video blog

Last week SEOmoz published a special event video blog post featuring an off-the-cuff interview and discussion between two “Titans of Search,” Rand Fishkin (CEO of SEOmoz and “The Wizard of Moz”) and Danny Sullivan (of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land fame).

The video post provided a few very interesting takeaways in relation to some recent announcements made by Google. Of particular interest is Google’s change in attitude and implementation of policies that just don’t seem to have the interest of their small business customers at heart.

A terrible lesson from car emblem designers: If you can’t make it good, make it big.

General Motors has done an amazing job with the redesign of their car line, making sleek and sophisticated what was once boxy and outdated. But it seems to me that their logo has not fallen suit. Is it me or does the gold, cross-like Chevy logo scream tacky and outdated? It lacks style and cool factor. That gold nasty logo takes all the pleasure of the lines of the car and stops my eyeballs.