The Growing Adoption of mHealth (Mobile Healthcare) & What It Means to Healthcare Organizations

As smart phones have increasingly become a part of our daily lives we are starting to see subsequent shifts in traditional industries. One of the industries that has seen the greatest change is healthcare. The healthcare industry is recognized as one of the top three fields expected to experience new mobile business model growth over the next five years, according to a recent Deloitte study.

Marketing Strategy: Start With The End

marketing strategy

Marketing strategies are initially developed by starting with the normal research, objectives, strategies and tactics with the sole purpose of increasing the company's revenue and profit structure.

However, marketing plans are not about companies – they're about customers and what they experience that triggers a purchase and ultimate company loyalty. Therefore, the development of marketing plans -- or even singular promotional campaigns -- should start with the end, not the beginning.

4 Digital Marketing Trends for B2B Companies

Digital marketing cannot be ignored, which is probably the reason why 55% of marketers increased their digital marketing budget last year. An estimated $135 billion is expected to be spent on new digital marketing collateral in 2014. Here are some of the top digital marketing trends to watch for next year and how B2B marketers can leverage these marketing strategies to boost business:

Marketing Strategy: 8 Ways To Out-Execute Your Competition In 2014

Looking to revamp your marketing strategy in 2014? Follow these easy steps to boost your business, maintain loyal customers, generate more leads and stay ahead of the competition:

1. Focus On Profit Margins
Are you focused on selling products that return a high profit in dollars as opposed to profit percentages? There's a big difference between the two. Focus on your profit margin, the ratio of net profits earned to total sales, to determine your business’s financial health and compare your profitability to your competition.

Humor in Marketing: Why funny ads are more than a good joke

People love to be entertained, and everyone enjoys a good laugh. This is just one of many reasons that humor is such a powerful marketing device.  It’s a soft sell that’s memorable.  Aside from making the audience feel good, humor cultivates a personal connection to the ad and the product or service.

Content Marketing & the Importance of the Visual: Part II

In last week’s blog, I discussed the importance of visual content in marketing, a trend that has become the preferred mode for many marketers to communicate their message and stand out in a crowded digital space.

There are many brands that have successful visual marketing strategies in place, Doritos, Virgin America, Bonobos, Red Bull and General Electric are just a few that come to mind.