case study

All About Discovery



Sight, a leader in blood diagnostics, came to us wanting to reposition their flagship blood count analyzer—OLO®.

OLO promises to get a complete blood count (CBC) in minutes. But to create a compelling narrative around this promise, we needed to start with audience discovery. And we discovered there were many.



Don’t you love when things just work?

So, how can you position a product to satify so many audiences? Simple.
That is, the simple human truth all of these audience groups can agree on.
While there are many great features to OLO, no one really cares how it works.
They care only that it does.

The sign of great brand positioning? It just works.

And works. And works.

OLO does many things. But more than anything, it just works

As part of our “It just works” launch, we expressed what OLO works to do: provide everyone with much-needed medical answers conveniently and quickly.

Since our launch, we have created multiple campaigns around our theme.