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Meet Factory Mark Gallery’s Next Artist: Allison Gray

We are excited to announce our second featured artist who is showcasing her work as part of our Look Here exhibit: Allison Gray. Allison is a painter whose most recent body of work, “The Problems and Possibilities of Seeing and Knowing,” will be highlighted in CommCreative’s Factory Mark Gallery. Here are five things you should know about her:

1. She’s a creative marketer by trade

Though Allison grew up in the art world by way of her mother, she has an undergraduate degree in business with a minor in Mandarin Chinese, as well as a master’s degree in business administration. Allison studied and worked in marketing as she was inspired by the creativity in this field.

2. Preservation is a big theme in her artwork

For “The Problems and Possibilities of Seeing and Knowing,” Allison tracks down fruit that has been endangered due to industrial farming practices. She then creates sculptures by preserving the fruit species in resin. Finally, oil paintings of the preserved fruit are completed from observation. She considers her most recent body of paintings as still-scapes or paintings that combine elements from both landscapes and still life. She views preservation as a way to provide a legacy for an unknown future.

3. Very interested in apples

Allison is very influenced by the history imbedded in objects, as well as the history of New England as she was born in Massachusetts. For the last two years, she has been obsessed with using apples in her work. Something that interests Allison specifically about this fruit is that the apple itself is often considered to be so American, but in fact only the crab apple is native to North America.  She’s inspired by the fact that there is so much history embedded in the fruit. Apple varieties are also dwindling, so focusing on biodiversity and less commercial varieties is important for the future of the fruit.

4. Her favorite medium to work with is oil paint

While she did more painting with acrylic when she was younger, her focus has shifted to oil painting as she has gotten older. Allison is very influenced by the history of the medium. When she is painting something from observation, it takes a long time because she works in so many layers. Using oil paint as her favored medium allows her to spend a long time just looking at and observing the objects like a scientist would.

5. The focus of her work is climate change

Her current work utilizes the power of observation to explore ideas about climate change and current environmental issues. Allison believes that climate change is more urgent than ever before, and the goal of her art is to examine the impact of humans on the climate and environment, also known as the Anthropocene.

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