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Need a new floor? That’s what friends are for.

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new floor (or really anything fairly major for your home), you know one thing: The more research you do, the more confused you get. The question is, where you do go from there? 



Makes sense, right? Just like you trust your friends to tell you if you have a piece of corn stuck in your teeth, you also trust them to tell you the truth about whether they’ve had a good or bad experience shopping for floors. Was the price right? How was the salesperson? Did the installers leave a big gap by the baseboard? Only a friend who experienced it all can really give you the skinny.

Which brings me to the inspiration behind our new work for Flooring America (also our new client). Turns out, Flooring America is the number one recommended flooring store. Or put another way, “Where friends send friends.”


What inspired us was more than just how friends send their friends to places they recommend. We asked ourselves, what kind of friends might send us to Flooring America? We explored all the “kinds” of friends we have—given we’re living in a time when most of us technically have friends numbering in the hundreds. (Thanks, social media!) Then it was a matter of being true to those friends. Meaning, showing them in a authentic way. Embracing their imperfections. And weaving stories around them that people can relate to.

Around here, we think of brands as people. And what better way to humanize a brand than to show the people, the friends, who have already embraced it?

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