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Meet Factory Mark Gallery’s Next Artist: Meghan Caveney

CommCreative is delighted to introduce Factory Mark Gallery’s newest featured artist, Meghan Caveney. Meghan is a minimalist artist who mostly works with sculpture. Twenty-two of her works of art will be displayed in the Interventions exhibit at the Factory Mark Gallery, which is located in CommCreative’s office space. Here are five things you’ll want to know about Meghan:

1. She started with drawing and moved into sculpting

Meghan entered the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University as a hyperreal draftsperson and emerged as a minimalist sculptor. In addition to her BFA, she also received a degree in biology from Tufts, which, combined with the influence of her father’s engineering career, pushed her to focus on the concept of material and simplicity in her work.

2. Material itself is her main inspiration

The real-life situations that inspire Meghan include the urge we feel to buy new things, and her fascination with things in their original state. Her favorite medium to work with can be described as anything new, anything in its original packaging, or things that are clean and untouched. She most often works with materials such as paper, blue tape, wires, and metal.

3. She was highly influenced by her experience with the Sea Education Association

Not only did Meghan major in Biology at Tufts University, but she also studied at sea with the Sea Education Association’s Protecting the Phoenix Islands program. For six weeks, she and other students sailed through the central Pacific Island nation known as Kiribati, and Meghan conducted research on Salp population density and distribution in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. Her findings are published at the Sea Education Association. She says the experience encouraged her to closely monitor her use of material in her artwork. 

4. Richard Tuttle and Carl Andre are her favorite artists

In addition to drawing inspiration from the materials she uses, Meghan is inspired by two particular artists: Richard Tuttle and Carl Andre.

Tuttle became known for his postminimalist sculptures which often consisted of rope, paper, or fabric. Tuttle’s work has been highly influential for generations of artists, being one of the first to focus on the profundity of mundane and simple gestures.

Andre, also a minimalist sculptor, most often used bricks and other plain industrial materials in his work. What fascinates and inspires Meghan is Andre’s use of simple materials to demonstrate a wider idea. The bricks used in Andre’s sculptures tell the history of not only the material itself, but also of a local industry that gave livelihoods to hundreds of families.

5. A piece of advice

Among the many pieces of advice given to her at SMFA, Meghan says the most notable is to stay curious about the world around her. Without curiosity, we become complacent, and once we are complacent, we become unable to appreciate new opportunities.