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Meet Factory Mark Gallery’s Next Artist: Bob Pirrmann

CommCreative is excited to introduce Factory Mark Gallery’s newest featured artist, Bob Pirrmann. Bob is a photographer who captures candid moments from the streets of New York City, and beyond. Forty-seven of his images will be displayed in the Pedestrian exhibit at the Factory Mark Gallery, which is located in CommCreative’s office space. Here are five things you’ll want to know about Bob:

  1. He has worked in advertising for 22 years

After graduating from St. Michael’s College with degrees in both Business and Fine Arts, Bob went on to work for ad agency Young & Rubicam in New York City. He has since worked jobs in Boston and Dallas, but now works as a freelancer back at Young & Rubicam where he first began his career in marketing. His background in advertising has helped shape his photography as many of his photos have a strong sense of composition, lines, and negative space, all influenced by his years as an art director.

  1. He wasn’t always a photographer

Although Bob favors photography now, for most of his life and throughout college he was a painter and drawer. After graduating from St. Michael’s, he began taking photography classes at the Portfolio Center, but still continued to focus on painting and drawing. It was not until later that he discovered candid photography, and his interest began to shift towards capturing human movements through the lens of a camera.

  1. His favorite camera to shoot with might surprise you

Bob discovered his affinity for street photography using an iPhone®. He realized that with a quality camera phone, he could take true-life pictures of people without them posing or even noticing that they had been photographed. While he does sometimes use his Canon to photograph landscapes when he travels, Bob shoots most of his photographs with his phone. He rarely asks people to pose for portraits, and using an iPhone allows him to capture unsuspecting people on the streets of New York City, and beyond.

  1. A piece of advice

The best piece of advice Bob has ever received came from a multitude of people early on in his photography career. At first, he mostly photographed architecture, but those who viewed his work easily recognized the humanity of people within the images he was capturing. They often recommended that he “shoot more people,” a piece of advice that stuck with him.

  1. The significance of 9/27

Do you ever notice that a certain number or number pattern keeps appearing in your life? For Bob, the number combination of 9 and 27 has coincidentally appeared throughout his life in various patterns. Even the date for the gallery opening of Pedestrian happens to fall on, you guessed it, September 27th, or rather 9/27 (you can RSVP here). Whether it’s seeing 9:27 appear on clocks or noticing the number 927 appear in random instances in his everyday life, it seems to be fated that Bob’s photography will be officially open to the public on that date.