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Meet Factory Mark Gallery's Next Artist: Marie Anthony

CommCreative is proud to announce Factory Mark Gallery’s latest featured artist, Marie Anthony. Marie Anthony reinterprets still life through colorful, abstracted canvases. Her artwork will be featured in an exhibition entitled Inventory beginning on October 3. Read more to learn about Anthony and her inspiration.

Inspiration from Her Table

Marie Anthony has always had a passion for bringing people together at the dinner table—a sacred space where bonds are made, friendships are strengthened, family is nourished, and celebrations begin.

So, when Marie Anthony enrolled in the MFA programs at Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2014, the dinner table and the objects that adorned it were natural sources of inspiration for her.

Platters, plates, bowls, vases, and other simple objects found in the domestic sphere became important to Anthony at an early age, surrounded by a large family of avid cooks and passionate collectors. Her passion to celebrate and form a community blossomed with her developing artistic style.

Taking Inventory

Opportunities for bustling parties and large family gatherings diminished for Marie Anthony as her circumstances changed. After several moves, a mid-life career change, and a major domestic downsize, Anthony found that her belongings had become a burden. Deciding what to keep—and what to let go—meant taking stock of her inventory.

Taking both a physical and philosophical inventory, Anthony was forced to delve deeper into the concepts of excess, need, and, most important, why we are attached to certain objects—what meaning they hold, what feelings they evoke, and what they represent.

Objects and Abstraction

Since 2015, Anthony has been addressing these questions in her artistic practice. She sees the objects as a starting point. “Whether I paint a lemon or a landscape, the work is always about more than the original subject matter.”

Anthony sees abstraction as an opening to limitless translations, including her own. “When you’re working abstractly, it opens the door to anyone’s interpretation. I like to honor that. The viewer has complete autonomy … there’s no wrong way to see it.”

A Conversation Between Canvas, Paint, and Artist

Anthony begins each piece with a painted drawing on her canvas. Then the focus on formalist elements—composition, color, line, and shape—takes over.

But spontaneity and intuition play a large role. “I can go into the studio with a plan, and the painting will evolve,” she says, “the subconscious takes over.” She describes her process as a visual language that reveals itself with repetition and clarity as the body of work progresses.

Anthony favors oil paint above all others. “It reminds me of cooking,” she says, “I love to squeeze the paint on my palette, mix my colors, pour my mediums, and drag, rake, or even glaze the paint on my canvas.”

Home Base Is the SoWa Art + Design District

Anthony resides in Newton, MA, but spends most days working in her SoWa studio on Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End.

For Marie, studio life can be isolating. “Your work is done behind a closed door—facing your medium and your work alone.” The SoWa community, however, is overflowing with dedicated professional artists, which helps Marie create new bonds, and even offers some new faces to occupy her ever-evolving dinner table.

Inventory will be on display beginning October 3 in the Factory Mark Gallery at CommCreative: 75 Fountain St., Framingham, MA 01702. Learn more about Marie Anthony and her exhibition at