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Science and Emotion, Fresh and New: CommCreative Rebrands

Written by: Ashley DePaolo

As 2019 comes to a close, I am pleased with how formative this past year has been for CommCreative. The marketing landscape and what marketing means to people have both changed dramatically over the last ten years. And I’m proud of how CommCreative has been able to grow and keep our clients growing, too. With the next decade on the horizon, I’m eager to see what the future has in store.

As part of our growth this year, we’ve made a focused effort to formalize our values, how we work, and our strategic and creative process. To commemorate this milestone in our company’s history, I am excited to announce that CommCreative is introducing a fresh, new look. This rebrand expresses our marketing philosophy, illustrating what truly makes CommCreative unique.

At CommCreative, we work at the convergence of science and emotion. We connect with our clients’ audiences on an emotional level, and support our efforts with the science of strategy and measurement. These two parts—science and emotion, strategy and creative, mind and heart—work as one. This convergence is our brand. It’s who we are.

Our new logo reflects this convergence. It shows how CommCreative works in constant communication, where both parts—science and emotion—are equal. While we have always believed in the power of science and emotion working together, we are now preaching what we practice, if you will.

I’m extremely proud of how CommCreative has continued to stay at the forefront of today’s latest marketing strategies and tactics, and I’m excited for this new chapter CommCreative is about to embark on.

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