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5 Things You Should Know About Factory Mark Gallery’s Featured Artist: Carola Miles

CommCreative is proud to announce Factory Mark Gallery’s featured artist, Carola Miles. Carola’s work draws inspiration from her own life experiences, reinterpreting her unconscious thoughts through oil canvases. Carola’s artwork will be featured in an exhibition entitled Objects of Distraction beginning March 26. Get to know Carola with these five fun facts:

1. It Starts With Her Roots

Carola’s humble, Chilean roots sparked a love for art and painting from a very young age. Carola has always been known to do things on her own. And with her parents placing a strong emphasis on education, this meant working and studying alone. Her studies led to discoveries, where, as a child, Carola found her love of art and never turned back. Even after living in the United States for 15 years, Carola still draws influence from her life in Chile. Both mentally and emotionally, Chile plays a part in her practice. Carola believes that although she’s been gone for so long, she’ll always have “one foot in and one foot out” between Chile and America. 

2. She Practices What She Preaches. And Vice Versa.

Teaching painting and drawing has brought about many “challenges” in Carola’s practice. Every challenge, however, has helped her learn more and push herself harder. Carola’s students drive her to continue to grow, and she does the same for them. Teaching has become a part of Carola’s practice that introduces her to thoughts, styles, and techniques she had never even thought of.

3. To Carola, Her Work Is a “Silent Killer”

To the viewer, Carola’s work is quiet—limited elements, strict color palette, open space. But to Carola, it’s quite the opposite. Since her work comes directly from life experiences, much of it is emotionally charged. However, Carola is known to remove herself from her work. With this notion, ideas begin to flow and, aesthetically, the piece becomes more open and, well, quiet. Thus creating the “silent killer”: a piece raging with emotion to the artist on the inside, while appearing both soft and silent to the viewer from the outside.

4. Influence Begins in a Dream State

With its emotional yet silent style, Carola’s work is influenced by what she calls a “dream state.” This influence can be attributed to her background. That “one foot in and one foot out” of Chile has Carola traveling mentally, creating an alternate reality that blends the two—experiences in both Chile and America. Although she hasn’t been to Chile in quite some time, those memories still remain present, helping her visualize a reality that greatly influences her work. This dream state is portrayed through an element of artist detachment, working with a limited color palette.

Carola also draws influence from both contemporary German and romantic paintings. And when working with figures, Carola is greatly influenced by the works of Spanish artists, such as Goya and Velázquez. In particular, Goya’s Los caprichos influenced Carola to express her ideas in a subtle way—critiquing both society and her personal thoughts in one universal form. Carola uses Goya’s influence to express her ideas in a way that anyone can relate to at any time.

5. Finding Her Voice Through a Brush

The best piece of advice Carola’s been given is to never be afraid to show herself. Once she let go of this restraint, Carola’s work flowed like never before—allowing her personal and cultural influences to shine. Being true to oneself is extremely liberating, and Carola continues to find a voice she hadn’t yet refined before. She finds this form of expression to be a privilege as an artist, and will continue to carry this throughout her career. Because—according to Carola—“it’s good to just be true to oneself.”  

Objects of Distraction will open March 26 at 5pm in the Factory Mark Gallery at CommCreative: 75 Fountain St., Framingham, MA 01702. Learn more about Carola Miles and the exhibition and RSVP for the opening at