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Marketing in an All-Digital World

By Amy Grucela

Reevaluate Your Ideal Customer Profile

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with industry thought leaders, Amanda Bohne and Megan Heur, talking about today’s sudden, new reality and its impact on marketing.

As we weighed in on topics such as budget cuts, nervous prospects and changing customer needs, one thing became clear: Right now, it is more important than ever to monitor your ideal customer profile (ICP) and rethink what you thought you knew about your customer base. Because what you believed to be true six months ago may be completely different now. Here are some key considerations we arrived at for how to reexamine your ICP in today’s new reality.

Addressing Today’s New Reality Starts With Readdressing Your Ideal Customer Profile


Start by analyzing your total available market (TAM).


each sector—industry, sub-industry and size of company. How has each level been affected? For example, retail and travel may not be in the buying state-of-mind.


at your current customer base for guidance. Has their behavior changed? How have they been affected?


your prospects. Which are behind the curve? Who might be going into overdrive in response to what’s happened?


your buying group. Are there new members? Who’s involved now? Procurement and finance will now likely be involved, depending on the scale of your investment.

After asking yourself these questions, you may find some new opportunities you didn’t consider at first. But once you take a step back to examine your TAM, the strategy on how to move forward may become just a bit clearer than before.

Then, assess your intent intelligence usage. (HINT: It’s more important now than ever before.)

If you have a smaller budget with the same pipeline, intent intelligence can help prioritize which accounts you should be pursuing based on their digital behaviors.

If you’re looking to limit spend but stretch impact, intent intelligence will help determine not only which accounts you should focus on but when. With a smaller budget, you can shift your targeting month-to-month based on market signals to stay timely and relevant.

If you’re seeking to understand changes in buying behavior, intent intelligence will provide new insights in order to better predict the changes happening in your market.

Intent intelligence is a great tool to help you predict the next move to make. It will give you the insights you need into exactly which accounts might be in market for you and when. Utilize intent intelligence so you and your brand can best stay on top of these rapid market changes.

Stay tuned next week, where we will talk about how marketing can best support sales in a digitized world. But, if you’re eager for more, you can watch the entire webinar right now to gain all those valuable insights.