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Marketing in an All-Digital World

By Amy Grucela

Digitize Your Sales Team

As we continue our conversation on marketing in an all-digital world, one topic at the forefront of our clients’ minds is how marketing can best support sales. The reality is, physical industry events may not occur for quite some time. And without those events, sales teams are losing those physical connection opportunities that were once major drivers of new prospect engagement. As marketers, it is now our job to get sales teams engaging with prospects in a way that feels personal and connected in lieu of physical meetings. Because if sales can’t effectively sell, we can’t achieve goals and grow business. Here are a few ideas on how to first approach digitizing your sales team.

7 Tips for Digitizing
Your Sales Team

1. Double down on ABM and account-based sales development.

It’s important to create coordinated efforts and personalized messaging between marketing and sales outreach to these prospects. Start with your messaging, advertising and targeting, then supply sales with a personalized email and phone script down the funnel. Don’t let your personalized plan fall apart with a generic rep follow-up!

2. Don’t discount the impact of virtual trade shows.

While they don’t replace physical events, people are still attending and engaging with vendors. Be creative about how to make it feel like an immersive and engaging experience.

3. Take the opportunity to have sales participate in a webinar.

Webinars are back, and this allows sales to play a role, in the form of either a personalized 1-1 webinar for prospects or an experienced sales member offering use cases and problem-solution scenarios to a larger audience.

4. Perfect your “Zoom pitch.”

Make sure your sales team has the right materials to best showcase your product or solutions digitally.

5. Offer programs that hand-select who you want to drive incentivized meetings with.

Try a $30 DoorDash gift card for 30 minutes of their time. It’s been a successful program we’ve implemented for our clients, and it causes prospects to pause and pay attention to that sales email that otherwise would have wound up in the trash bin.

6. Drive more personalized video through vendors like Vidyard or Idomoo.

This allows prospects to put a face to the email they just received. The more personalized, the better.

7. Add more opportunities to share ideas.

Meet with your sales team weekly to review key pipeline metrics and discuss challenges.

And if your marketing leads still aren’t converting, ask yourself the following questions.

Do I have a data or process problem?

The faster you follow up on a lead, the better your chances. A lead that sits for more than 24 hours has a 50% less chance of converting.


Is there a difference in sales leads vs. marketing leads? Are my sales leads converting faster?

Look for the differences and examine those inconsistencies.

Does something in my targeting strategy need to change?

Take a closer look. Are they simply doing their homework without any drive to buy? If so, you’ll need a longer nurture strategy.


Are my best leads with my best account executives?

If not, do this to increase your close rate.


What are my monthly benchmarks?

Understand these trends as they happen.

In this all-digital world, we hope these thought starters will continue to push your sales team into the digital realm. Stay tuned next week, where we will discuss another marketing strategy under tension in these uncertain times: retention and expansion of your current customer base. And if you’re looking for more content like this, watch the webinar today.