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Giving Zoom the Production Credit It Deserves

We’ve got to hand it to Zoom. I mean, at this point, our entire agency is running on it. It’s the foundation of our communication, the start of great ideas, and, generally, the way we get sh*t done. It came with some challenges (hello, mute button), but, honestly, it’s shown us how we can move forward as a full-service advertising agency.

It started out as all-agency trivia, then client pitches, and now, we’re using virtual meetings to produce TV spots for our clients Hebrew SeniorLife and Flooring America.

Granted, when it comes to TV production, it can’t be done 100% virtually. So, to get these spots in motion, we waited for Massachusetts Reopening Phase 3 before filming.

When it came to shooting for our client partners at Hebrew SeniorLife, we took extra precautions to ensure our talent (actual HSL residents!) remained safe. The number of people on set was very limited, with everyone pulling at least double—if not triple—duty. Other than the talent being filmed, our limited crew wore masks and observed six-foot social distancing at all times while filming outdoors.



But with our flooring client, Flooring America, an outdoor shoot didn’t make quite as much sense. So we doubled down on our precautions, and even hired an on-site nurse who ensured we were not only following the protocols, but exceeding them.



With the on-set crew double-masked and settled, filming commenced, but the rest of production happened virtually. Using video conferencing meant the entire team could be involved, and thanks to live-feed technology, our clients could provide live feedback, direction and approval—without even leaving home.



Moving forward, our hope is to keep Zoom on the production roster. It allows our entire team to collaborate remotely, and gives client partners a chance get more involved in the production process—both making for a stellar end result.

Check out the Hebrew SeniorLife TV campaign below, stay tuned for the upcoming Flooring America TV campaign, and reach out if you’d like to learn more. The pandemic hasn’t stopped us, and it definitely shouldn’t stop your brand either. So, let’s schedule a time to chat. We’ll send the Zoom link.