GE Healthcare

Our first task for the filtration division of GE Healthcare was market research. Our findings indicated that GE was perceived as an unapproachable monolith. So we needed to find a way to position them as a more friendly, approachable company. But we had to do it in a way that wasn’t at odds with the serious nature of the industry.


In the end, we found the answer in the filters themselves. We took photographs of filters with their red and blue shipping caps on, which gave the products the appearance of having a friendly face. The headlines further brought these filter faces to life.


We used a multi-tier, global media approach to promote our anthropomorphic filters, which included print, digital and many non-traditional opportunities like cover tips and inserts in trade pubs. The theme was also applied to internal sales materials, email campaigns, microsites, social efforts and video.


For a different line of filters, we leveraged GE’s global strategy of eco-imagination by incorporating a classic symbol of sustainable nature—the hummingbird—into the campaign.