iboss takes a unique, forward-thinking approach to securing distributed networks. They needed new branding and messaging to match. We started with a comprehensive examination of their product, culture, audience and competition. Based on that intel, we delivered a messaging platform that served as the foundation for all marketing initiatives moving forward.


The website plays a central role in the new iboss brand. The homepage offers plenty of real estate at the top for branding and promotions, while the long scroll tells the iboss story quickly and compellingly. Web-like illustrations overlaid on photos reinforce the space in which iboss plays. Copy was completely revised to be more reader-friendly, relying on less engineering jargon.


Once the new messaging and website was established, we went to work on digital marketing. A comprehensive AdWords campaign, combined with remarketing, drove leads to a suite of unique landing pages. An ongoing nurturing program promotes relevant thought leadership content that attracts prospects and positions iboss as an industry leader.