RSA Conference

RSA Conference is the world's leading info security event. Each year, RSA Conference draws thousands of infosec professionals to its events held around the world. In addition to creating the theme and all marketing strategy and promotions for the physical event, CommCreative is also helping to promote RSA Conference as a valued resource 365 days a year through digital, social media and content marketing.

Connecting to the infosec audience

We developed the theme for 2016, “Connect to Protect,” to highlight the core function of the conference: to bring together professionals and thought leaders so they can exchange ideas and help make our digital world safer. The custom icons—developed specifically for the show—are drawn with continuous lines and easily connect to one another, which visually reinforces the connection theme.


We worked with the client to reconfigure the website to improve the overall user experience. The main messaging area includes a vertical navigation bar that scrolls through upcoming conferences automatically. Events are featured prominently and users are given multiple opportunities to connect to events quickly and easily. We also raised the profile of non-event-related content to promote an ongoing 365 relationship with RSA Conference.

Building tighter social connections

The theme extended to social media, which we leveraged successfully to promote likes, engage the audience and drive them to register for conferences.

Wide-area digital network

Our comprehensive go-to-market strategy for RSA Conference included testing various formats, subject lines, content and more. Every click was monitored and evaluated to optimize performance.

A strong physical presence

The branding we created for RSA Conference was comprehensive and included physical materials (such as signage and wearables) as well as all the digital applications.