flooring america

case study


Making a Commodity Shine

The flooring category is as cluttered as a kid’s playroom. As a consumer, how do you choose? The deals all seem pretty much the same. Maybe you pick the brand whose jingle annoys you the least?

Probably not. What you do is ask your friends. Friends who have been there, and bought that. You trust your friends to give you the real deal. And that’s the inspiration for our new Flooring America campaign.


We explored the many kinds of friends we all have. This inspired us to show how floors fit into their lives. And why Flooring America is where friends send friends.



Really Ties the Room Together

We knew that, in order for the notion of “Where Friends Send Friends” to resonate, the friends had to be authentic and relatable. We also knew the campaign had to be integrated, from TV, to social, to the in-store experience. So that consumers could feel that authenticity throughout their buying journey.