Trellix Xpand Theme and Visual Identity

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The Challenge

Trellix, a global cybersecurity company, required a branding and marketing refresh for its user conference that reflected the new corporate brand.

The new brand needed to be flexible enough to accommodate several different versions of the conference (live, digital-only, partner-only, etc.) and resonate with a global audience.

The Solution

We developed:

  • A new name – Xpand – that synced with the corporate name
  • The theme and go-to-market messaging that supported the parent brand story
  • A visual ecosystem that presented a unique spin on the parent brand
  • A strategic go-to-market plan to generate interest in Xpand events among its core audience: customers, employees, select prospects, partners, and the media

Naming and Positioning

The manifesto encapsulated, in a few sentences, the theme, purpose, and vision for Trellix Xpand.

Trellix Xpand is a series of conversations and collaborations with partners, customers, and experts across the cybersecurity industry. These live and virtual experiences allow us to strengthen relationships and share our vision for how living security will deliver better outcomes for everyone. Through these experiences, we’re expanding the idea of what it means to work be more resilient...and to create the next evolution of cybersecurity.

Logo System

Because Trellix Xpand encompassed so many different types of events, the logo had to be flexible enough to account for each version. It also had to work seamlessly with the corporate logo.

The Look

The look and feel features portraits of typical users to emphasize Trellix’s mission to empower cybersecurity professionals and make the world safer for everyone.